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(so I'm definitely a little new to this game...)

i love cameras, they're really cute. they have some amazing engineering inside. i do cine and some photo, in the past i did some lighting design for theater which only helped me in my aspirations to become a better cinematographer. i'm still learning, and hope i'll never stop.

I have a few major interests in my photo/video work. My main goal is to use photo/video to showcase people and stories that go against the typical stereotypes of society in an effort to change hearts and minds and make the world a better place. I love adventure, and additionally like showcasing engineering and science. I also want to inspire others to tell their own stories because all stories are important.

To keep this simple, my video work is either on YouTube, or on my original 'main'


My more 'professional work', especially relating to telling the stories of people living in under-served communities around the world, will be on the website of underground frames trading co. and I now have an Etsy shop here :), 100% goes to funding work in developing countries

Scroll down past the featured photo to learn about @theadventuresofruth.

Featured Photo. Cascade Mountain, Banff, Alberta, Canada. Shot on Canon EOS R5 w/ Rokinon 24-70mm Lens.


the adventures of ruth. this project has evolved a few times, initially it started as an idea where I'd ride my 1960 Honda CB360 places, take a photo, post it, and it would be more of an adventure blog. but, well, I also bought a second motorcycle, a 2001 Ducati 750ss, and now I have that too. On both bikes I did a lot of restoring in the form of what I call 'motorcycle art' inspired by J. Shia of Madhouse Motors. so now it's more a photography, adventure, and motorcycle art blog. I'm going to try to keep it as updated as possible, but it's really just for fun. some of my bike art is below, but feel free to check out @theadventuresofruth on instagram for more.

fair warning, not everything on these bikes is perfect, I'm not a professional ~<3

(this is a new project I'm trying, would love if people sent feedback. hope it goes well, hope you all enjoy! also hope other people (you) join me for the ride, whether that's on social media or physically on another motorcycle, bike, car, or other form of transportation!)

(now for some motorcycle art!)


'Dragon from Shrek' - a 2001 Ducati 750ss, fully redone from a body and styling perspective, new chain and sprocket, new exhausts coming too. She was born a track bike, will now be a road adventure bike.


'Ruth' - a 1974 Honda CB360, my first bike, love her, have done so many modifications on this one. New carbs, new paint job and wiring harness and electrics, fully re-tuned, upgraded mirrors and handlebars, exhaust wrap, and more.

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