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(so I'm definitely a little new to this game...)

i love cameras, they're really cute. they have some amazing engineering inside. i do cine and some photo, in the past i did some lighting design for theater which only helped me in my aspirations to become a better cinematographer. i'm still learning, and hope i'll never stop.

I have a few major interests in my photo/video work. My main goal is to use photo/video to showcase people and stories that go against the typical stereotypes of society in an effort to change hearts and minds and make the world a better place. I love adventure, and additionally like showcasing engineering and science. I also want to inspire others to tell their own stories because all stories are important.

(instagram channels) @theadventuresofruth

video work. (i mostly do this for nonprofit / documentary work, sometimes for fun i do advertising videos or simple nonsense)

shot on: bmpcc 6k w/ rokinon 14mm f/2.8

color grade: byers 11 lut 

filming time: 2.5 days

*apologies to George Lucas + MIT Admissions + Disney, made as a personal project.

for more nonsense, see youtube -->

*most of my professional work is coming up soon and will be linked to this website when it's done.

(i mostly do this for myself, but would love to collab with anyone and everyone because making friends is what life is for --> (my video-stagram, it'll have building things, links to professional work, and general fun shots.)

all cine licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial ShareAlike 4.0 International license (unless stated). ;) 

@theadventuresofruth (just a Canon EOS 5D mkiii, and a 1974 Honda CB360 rolled into a photography, engineering, and adventure blog. my motorcycle instagram hehe.)

everything licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial ShareAlike 4.0 International license. ;) 

My project-1-2.png

this was a project I started after coming back from Ghana. I got a motorcycle and decided I wanted to get better at photography at the same time. the idea became, ride somewhere, take a nice photo, and also maybe film the process of taking the photo for others trying to become better photographers. I thought it would be a cool place to put "fixing the bike" videos as well. now it's kinda evolved into my motorcycle instagram. 

Ruth is a 1974 Honda CB360. She came with an amazing name from her previous owner that I felt was inappropriate to change. When I got her she needed most of her electrical system replaced, then I did some painting and installed a few add-ons.

(this is a new project I'm trying, would love if people sent feedback and also will be one of the first structured photography/video curated projects I've done. hope it goes well, hope you all enjoy! also hope other people (you) join me for the ride, whether that's on social media or physically on another motorcycle, bike, car, or other form of transportation!)

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