I write this, for me. I wish I could say it's for you, but it isn't. see when I came up with the idea for a blog whenever I did, the intent was never actually for it to have an audience, the intent wasn't even to make it public. 

it was supposed to be my notebook. my engineering notebook. my build-log. my rant space. the space I set aside to keep information I wanted to save. to remember. I made this for me, really, to keep myself organized. it was never meant to go on the web publicly. 

so why is it on the web? have I decided to make a blog I hope others will read and find useful? no. I haven't. it's still very much a completely unorganized set of my thoughts, and a space where I post things I simply want to save, remember, or have noticed and want to keep. that's why there are no citations, and it doesn't abide by any rules that might be considered proper. 

but just because I don't have any desire to have a reader-ship, doesn't mean you won't find it useful. I've always believed any work I do should be open source. so here you go, here's my notebook.

read it. or don't. it's totally up to you.

but if you do read it, send feedback :)

because we are, by no means, the best at anything...