shot on: bmpcc 6k w/ rokinon 14mm f/2.8

color grade: byers 11 lut 

filming time: 2.5 days

*apologies to George Lucas + MIT Admissions + Disney, made as a personal project.

for the rest, see youtube -->

***100% of monetary gain from photo/video work goes to charitable organizations ~ <3
email me for requests :) --> adim@mit.edu 




bmpcc 6k camera

rokinon 14mm t3.1 (dsx)

zoom f1-sp (mic)

v-mount battery + dji rs2 grip

tilta ring grip

dji rs2 pro

wise 2TB ssd

***can add both dji raven-eye and dji follow-focus to this platform for more advanced shoots.


***folds into a single tenba cinelux 21 shoulder bag - international carry-on approved

one camera studios. is built on the philosophy that movies, documentaries, and film are fundamentally about story telling. stories make a positive impact on our lives and the world around us. we use only a single camera to shoot our films in an effort to inspire young filmmakers and activists that they can bring positive change with just a single camera, and microphone. 

dancing robots design. is our production company. we focus on using technology and robotics to make films simpler to create, and more immersive. 

D A N C I N G   R O B O T S   D E S I G N








(2018/19) next-act @ mit - beauty + the beast

asst. lighting, asst. master carpenter

(2021) music theater guild MTG @ mit - firebringer

tech director, asst. lighting design w/ Hannah Kim

theater + stage.

(2022) music theater guild MTG @ mit - into the woods

lighting design --> pics by kat hahn on dropbox