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department of alchemy.

Ok I changed my mind, initially I started this page with the inclination that it would be a blog for no one except for me, it would be completely disorganized and it would serve mostly as my engineering notebook. I think this is still partially true, this is still very much my notebook but my aim is to now make it more organized.

I made this change because I've always believed knowledge is meant to be shared and any work I do should be open-source. This is my attempt at sharing. Some of it is structured, some of it is not. Also send feedback :)
[post 001] — Making a fun gift for my good friend Fischer.
[post 002] — Dynamometers for Dummies, a post on how dyno motor testing works.
[post 006] — Accidental machining post 1 (Pixar 3): machining some Pixar Lamp bearings!
[post 007] — Machining: first HAAS parts on the lab HAAS.
[post 008] — Machining: trying some basic facing and interesting fixturing.
[post 009] — Accidental machining post 2 (Pixar 4): more bearings for the Pixar Lamp (sorry, the last ones didn't work).

[post 011] — Yo-Yo robot: can we make a robot that yo-yo's a yo-yo?
[post 012] — Yo-Yo robot part 2: finishing up machining and hardware.
[post 013] — Machining: a fun gift idea for our shop manager pat.
[post 014] — Bike upgrades part 1: gathering parts, making plans, replacing tires.
[post 015] — Bike upgrades part 2: fixing the seat with the water-jet hehe.
[post 016] — Yo-Yo robot part 3: encoders, setup, and O-Drives (sorry gang, controls next time).
[post 018] — Fun repair adventures: if you'd like your iPhone fixed or broken, Dana + I can now do both!
[post 019] — Bike upgrades part 3: fixed seat design, and giving a new life to some old handle bars.

[post 021] — Misc topics in MechE: calculating bolt preload and specifying correct torque wrench settings.
[post 024] — 'Coyak' robot in two days: autonomous kayak that can map the charles river basin? 
[post 025] — My journey through MIT D-Lab to Moving Health (guest post, MIT D-Lab blog).
[post 026] — Adi goes to Ghana — a summer travelogue (guest post, MIT D-Lab blog).
[post 027] — restoring a 1974 honda CB360, re-wiring, re-painting, in-detail. --> spreadsheet progress tracker
[post 028] — MITERS journal fall 2022! hydrogen bikes + more!

[post 029] — Building a neon sign for the MIT Electric Vehicle Team.
[post 030] — Carburetor replacement, tuning, and other miscellaneous upgrades on Ruth (the Honda CB360).

(old threads, or un-finished)

[post 003] — Belts for Beginners, a post on how to spec belts and tensions for robot drives.
[post 004] — Pixar Lamp video part 1: idea and initial design calculations.
[post 005] — Pixar Lamp video part 2: building the new setup + apologizing to mit facilities.
[post 010] — Pixar Lamp video part 5 (but really 3): trying a few different ideas, some initial control strategies, + motion tracking?
[post 017] — Yo-Yo robot part 4: slow-mo video, controls, and first attempts @ yo-ing the yo-yo. (coming soon)
[post 020] — Repairing things I've broken: fixing photography lights after the fell over.
[post 022] —
Film setups: didn't realize how much I liked this setup until using it for a whole day straight.
[post 023] — Machining Setups: documentation on CAM + feed/speed setting for a few precise drill bits.
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