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Jan. 12th, 2022

Making a gift for my good friend Fischer.

"Electrons don't care about your feelings." - Fischer


Fischer is a good friend of mine — we build robots together quite often, and live close to each other in Simmons Hall. The backstory here is while we were working on our 2.74 project together (the Pixar Lamp), we had an argument with some encoder cables that resulted in them burning to a crisp. We also accidentally welded the positive terminal of a battery to a wire stripper. I asked Feesch if I could keep these artifacts to secretly make him a present out of them, so out mutual stupidity could be preserved forever in spray glue. 

This build was super simple so I only have a few pictures for it. I made my way over to 4-409 and found a wooden board that happened to be exactly the right size for what I wanted. No really, I didn't have to cut it to size. Used some nails to secure the wire stripper and then staples to secure the wires in skill-and-crossbones kinda fashion.


Coincidentally many little charred flakes of wire fell off as I was stapling it on into a nice pattern. I thought the pattern they made was super cute so we grabbed some good old Elmer's Spray Glue and covered the flakes with the glue at close range to keep them attached to the wood in the pattern they fell.

After that we added some finishing touches like a copper wire border by twisting wire around some screw-in hooks and attached a little rope to hang it with made of twine for aesthetic purposes. Finished it off with a little plaque made of laser cut wood.


And voila! A wonderful little gift for my friend. I hope he enjoys it. It was super simple to make and was a fun project for a Wednesday night. That's all for today, signing off until next time :)

#arts-and-crafts #gifts #making

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