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Mar. 2nd, 2022

Bike upgrades part 3: fixing the seat and handlebars.

Brown? It's brown? Since when did I like the color brown? 


Ok I'm tryna fix this thing I broke — notes notes notes

So first, let's take apart what we have

This seems like a functionally important part, it has mounting screws for the side frame, and it also keeps the LED panel inside the frame 

Needs to have space for the diffuser panel 

The holes feel like they could be metric b/c we compared them to a 1/4"-20 and they're barely just too small

So there's many ways we could make this, we could CNC it, we could 3D print it and do heat-set inserts. The way to waste the least amount of material would likely be to water-jet it 

--> we can run an end-mill into the part sideways, to get the countersink for the bolts

but we have to design it first 

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