The "makerspace" is just a place where I've put up some formal instructions for some of my projects. The more promising ones or useful ones from the "buitbynerds" page. The instructions aren't super detailed and they do assume some knowledge of building things. But most of you should be able to figure it out with or without experience! You can always email with questions :)

some furniture.

task-lamp build instruction. industrial inspired LED desk-lamp w/ integrated shelf.
sawhorse desk. large 3'x8' table, workbench, or desk (use excess to build lamp + shelf).
cube shelf + divider. two-and-a-half layer shelf with in-built and adjustable dividers.

a biosand filter.

project orrca drop filter. biosand + activated carbon filter for drinking water filtration.
drop filter filtration test data + results. coming soon (FILTER TESTING IN PROGRESS).
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