The following is a list of misc. projects including class projects and personal projects. These are either completed projects or projects we most certainly intend on completing (as opposed to random tinkering late on a friday night). Some of the PDFs are logs and others are instructions to replicate the work. Some are "papers" that were a learning attempt, not a piece of publishable work.

some furniture.

(1x) Made from the spare material from the table!

task-lamp build instruction. industrial inspired LED desk-lamp w/ integrated shelf.
sawhorse desk. large 3'x8' table, workbench, or desk (use excess to build lamp + shelf).
cube shelf + divider. two-and-a-half layer shelf with in-built and adjustable dividers.
video editing desk. just a small dorm project to share w/ my fellow videographers.

a biosand filter.

project orrca drop filter. biosand + activated carbon filter for drinking water filtration.
drop filter filtration test data + results. includes usability + effectiveness. [in progress]

chip v2.

chip was supposed to be a legged robot that could carry cargo autonomously, unfortunately the slop in the actuators was way too high for the platform to be controllable and when we did get it to walk, the dynamics weren't to our taste. instead we used it to make a movie!


nonetheless, we learned a lot from this project and we share some of those lessons here...

chip control paper. describes the overall platform and initial attempts. [unfinished project]

printer enclosure.

images of the built enclosure. includes close-up view of the filament injector design.
paper about enclosure thermal properties. we tried our best to learn thermo here...
initial 'filament labs' research. thinking about how to solve the global plastics problem.

pixar lamp.

design notebook. packaging, initial calculations/ideas, and design process. [log-001]
initial design/assembly photos. includes drivetrain, full mechanical assembly, initial electronics.
final presentation bio-inspired robotics. includes simulation and hardware results.
final images of the platform. just some fun photos no technical details here :).

Videos of Initial Drop Testing!