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2.12 gripper design how to make the gripper ideas [2.12 Design Notebook]

An ongoing saga of designing the gripper for 2.12!

So I was scrolling around the FormLabs website when I came across this guy above. This is an Elastic Resin for Soft Flexible Parts feature for the Formlabs 3D printers. I do know the IDC at MIT has a bunch of these printers and maybe MechE does too, and so does the Media Lab. This might be worth looking into for our gripper design. I'm still waiting on the swim-cap idea to come through - I think I put this in the last entry but if I did not, I ordered a swim cap as they're much larger than balloons and we can fill it a lot easier if we create a holder for one. It might be too big but that's different issue and we can also cut it. I ordered one with bumps on it that will hopefully give us a lot more grip on the bottle.

This cap we will fill with granules or coffee, we haven't decided and create an air-tight mount for it when it comes. Then we will fill it with different amounts of granules and this will allow us to test different ratios of granules to air and determine how good the thing is at picking up all kinds of objects. We want to fill it with something that really conforms to the shape easily instead of using coffee because the required force there is really high. We might want to think about other designs as well. Such as soft pneumatic fingers and so on.

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