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2.12 gripper prototyping, other ideas [2.12 Design Notebook]

So yesterday we printed two weird gripper shapes that we thought could curve around bottles, the gripper being designed by Festo. Here's how they came out:

Overall they work (mostly) as they were designed. They'll conform to the shape of most round objects. I'm not sure if two will cut it for our gripper. But if we want to do a three-finger gripper these fingers might be an option. What we're really waiting for today is the design review to see what the options there are and what the 2.12 staff's opinions are on our designs. But these fingers are also promising maybe even over the balloon because they can curve about. The lineup will be harder with fingers. There's one more prototype I want to try which involves using a swim cap with nothing it it, and sucking the air out. That'll be a different time.

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