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2.12 more gripper design fun [2.12 Design Notebook]

So in the history of bad ideas, a good recurring one is to have zero backups for any design. Rima is working on a backup for our gripper, I'm sure we'll document that when we can, but for now I'm going to try something since I have free time. This is a good hackaday project: https://hackaday.io/project/1059-adaptive-gripper inspired by:

This seems like it would be pretty cool in picking up interesting shapes. According to this picture down here, we can and should make it as simple as possible.

This is something to try I think - I am a fan of making the simplest thing possible but Mason makes a good point when he says we don't want to have to orient the gripper/move it you know so lineup is really easy we go to the x-y coordinate, we go down, we grab, we come back up. That's the idea. Quick cycle time. We want to be able to grab from the vertical position onto any shape. This gripper might be good for that so I'll try building one. At least a quick and dirty prototype.

What I'll probably do, is just 3D print it out of TPU... let's try that yea. TPU flexes a good amount.

Here's the design. It's basic. It's an isosceles triangle with a base of 2in and a height of 5in. The thickness of the outer rubber wall and the thicker inner rubber walls is both 0.1 inches and the thickness of the bendy connector between the two is 0.025 inches. This should give everything the flex it needs.

We're making the gripper 0.75 inches wide. And we're going to print this out of TPU. And we need to print two of these. Off to the TPU printers we go! Again, we're using a Prusa with a 0.4mm nozzle and this time 50% infill (even though the infill is only in the very tip of the nose). Let's see how it turns out.

Mmmmmkayyyyyyy it's printingggggg. Here we go. This print is going to take roughly five hours total. We'll come back later to pick it up later tonight at like midnight or something.

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