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2.12 updates: installing software [updates]

So our next set of stuff in 2.12 will consist of us learning about Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Navigation and Robot Simulation. So 2.12 is asking me to install most of that stuff on my MAC itself things like python, matlab+simulink, pip, opencv, git etc.

Here's the thing though, right most of this stuff is already on Chip and if it isn't we will need it really soon anyways. For example, we don't have git-all we have some of git so we should get the rest on Chip anyways. And opencv2 is a great thing to have on chip because that'll allow us to use the opencv libraries for image processing! So we're going to install those. We're using this guide to opencv3. We already have GIT. We are using OPENCV3 and Python 2.7 because that is the DEFUALT in ROS. Nvidia has already installed most of the dependencies for us. Now we just need to figure out how to use the in-built webcam in the Jetson.


OK nvm, there's a Jetson specific install: https://github.com/jetsonhacks/buildOpenCVTX1 we're going to use this and install it on an external drive because the Jetson doesn't have enough space to install to its internal. --> time to bring back the 64GB sd card. This installs opencv with CUDA for both python 2.7 and python 3! Just need to get the 64Gb SD Card working... So we're installing the sources on the SD card and the actual binaries in use/local like all other libraries. This should get it built for the Jetson.

For any Matlab/simulink stuff. We'll be doing that on the Mac! I have those tools already installed as a part of R2018b. I don't need to upgrade yet so I won't. Im just going to get rid of r2018b and install 2020.

Okay this thing is being a pain, we're just going to install it on the Mac. We may need to just flash the new jetpack to get it on the tx1. :( Honestly, I'm going to open a new terminal and check if we don't already have it... so we have opencv2 with python 2.7. We don't have anything else so we'll keep running this. Apparently our disk space is full though...

For now let's just use our Mac until I can figure this out. I might need to wipe this Jetson and re-install everything from scratch.


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