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a vaguely strange idea...

Okay so here's a summary of the below because I started with designing a house for the poor but ended up with designing a greenhouse for developing nations. The greenhouse would need a few things:

  • Humidity Control

  • Temperature Control

  • A Water Source

  • A NPK Source

  • A Growing Medium

So if we take these things and try to come up with a design to build a greenhouse that works assuming you have nothing but maybe a human in it. Then we come up with an interesting idea. If we place the greenhouse in a public area we can have part of it be a public restroom, and then some of the problems get solved. But a public restroom that only take in pee. (Sorry bear with me).

The water sources for the greenhouse would be:

  • Collecting rainwater from the roof (simple)

  • From the Pee of people (simple ish)

  • And pulling water from the atmosphere (harder)

Then the greenhouse uses solar power to power a UV water disinfector and the human pee gets mixed with other available water and then passed through the disinfector and then gets sprayed on the crops (drip irrigation).

  • The Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium fertilizer for the crops comes from the Pee itself. These nutrients are found readily in human urine.

The power for the humidity and temperature control comes from solar cells on the roof of the greenhouse and all of it from the humidity and temperature to the actual plant watering and everything gets controlled by an arduino or some form of computer.

So its a concept for a fully-sustainable greenhouse structure for places where water, nutrients, and things like that are scarce. Hmmm....

Design of a modular house for the poor:

(1) Divide into three sections, the BASE, the LIVING AREA, and the ROOF

(2) The BASE can be configured so that it it either earthquake proof, flood proof, Hurricanes/blizzards/ice-storms

(3) OFF-GRID electric power systems and WATER systems

(4) Maximize interior space use



Let’s pick a location and design a home for it and then we can see what we really need to change


Let’s pick a place in India - no running water, no electricity, close to trains.

It needs to be like a shipping container home. Those are CHEAP.


Something like these - CHEAP but with ELECTRICITY and WATER at least for the first design. Includes the following:

  • SAND water filter (just pure sand and gravel)

  • Solar power

  • Small plumbing system

  • Maybe a UV disinfectant for water.

  • Only the ESSENTIALS no water heater / etc

  • We can give FANS, one power outlet, lights, and maybe an electric stove

  • Completely solar powered and lead-acid batteries to store the charge

Or better CHEAP greenhouses for harsh climates where they can grow food in a climate controlled area

^controlling the CLIMATE itself using a cheap greenhouse and we can start with our thing. We need what to grow food:

(1) water

(2) light

(3) space

  • Temperature control

  • Humidity control

  • A source of water

  • A source of light

  • A growing medium with nutrients in it

^if we can figure these things out we can install growing containers in all parts of the world

More details:

  • Source of N

  • Source of P

  • Source of K

  • H2O

  • Light

What do desert areas have a lot of:

  • Light and heat


^can we produce fertilizer from the air?

Actually - poop and pee contain most of the chemicals we need…

And its connected to a bathroom so that when people pee and poo in it it DISINFECTS the poop and then mixes it with some form of dirt that farmers can use in the garden. It KILLS the bacteria.

How to pull water vapor from the air:





Then it employs the technique of DRIP irrigation


https://www.warkawater.org/warka-tower-copy/--> might not work in places like Africa yk…


As water EVAPORATES off the plants it gets collected and cycled there’s mini water cycle going on in the greenhouse itself.


^maybe ONLY use pee, mix it with water, and the run it thought the UV disinfector, and then SPRAY it on crops…

^wait then we solve TWO problems in ONE.

Let’s see how effective is that? https://www.ecleanadvisor.com/public/559.cfm - the problem is URINE IS ACIDIC and we’d need to neutralize it a little first. Then we can also try to extract water from the air and ammonia to neutralize the pee. And see how all that works?

^or maybe the acidity won’t be THAT bad? Most urine is a 6.0 —> that might be really fine. Especially when diluted with water. So all we need is to dilute with water.

ALL N P AND K ARE FOUND IN URINE!!!! And guess what, SO IS WATER!!!!! If the whole village pees in the greenhouse they might be able to grow crops…

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