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biome updates: full re-design + smartnessss [updates]

So we had a family chat today (fun), and my dad does not want a large greenhouse but mom doesn't want too small of one. And if the greenhouse is any smaller than the 8'x8' design I made, the dome shape doesn't seem worth it because it's really difficult to create cost-effectively then.

So what if we re-design the greenhouse so it's really cheap, it works, get that over with. And if we want to spend extra money we put the money into making it an intelligent greenhouse?

Ahhhh seee where I'm going with this? A smart greenhouse? With a robot in it maybe?

Hereeee is the new design plan and we're going to go to home-depot tomorrow and pick the stuff up! All it takes to build this 3'x5'x5' tall greenhouse is (18x) 2x4's and (1x) 4'x8' sheet of plywood.

Inside this greenhouse, I'm going to make a watering/caring robot because I think that'll be really fun and a cool experiment. So the idea is I'm going to put a bucket on-top of the greenhouse that collects rainwater. Then this bucket will feed the robot that will get data from soil moisture sensors in each of the plants. The user can input their desired moisture level for the plant and this combined with the humidity will trigger responses in the robot. Either the robot will spray into the air continuously to get the humidity in the house up, or the robot will lower itself and spritz each of the plants in the greenhouse. We'll design that robot later. The robot can move on two over-head rails.

Other points of the greenhouse. It will have that 6mil plastic covering and a zipper in-front to allow you in-and-out. The reason for this is because we want the greenhouse to be very contained but I don't want my mom to have to break her back going in it.

We're probably going to make this out of standard 2x4's but if dad want's we'll pick up weathered wood and make it out of that. The design will work either way (that is the good part about it). So we'll see how this goes I'll post more detailed instructions later.

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