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biome updates: one last design change (bc i refuse to change it any more) [updates]

Okay so I sat my mom and dad down today and told them to figure out what they mutually wanted so I don't need to keep re-drawing designs. Finally they settled on the following:

We want something that has enough growing space (4x8') that my mom can walk into (so ~7ft tall), but also has a sense of design like a geodesic structure/etc like the globe you designed before. So here's the design we came up with finally

Yes, it's the same design as the first one, just HALF a geodesic dome, one side is more "dome" than the other. Basically I took the old design and just cut it in half, so that's why the drawing isn't too detailed, the drawing was literally just to figure out how to cut a dome in half and how much wood we would need (and how to fit in the new 4'x8' SQUARE base requirement). Yay.

So my dad asked me to generate two "quotes" one with the plastic exterior and one with a polycarbonate panel exterior. I'm only going to do one because I looked at the price of polycarbonate panels and there's no way he goes for it. If we find some cheap, clear, corrugated plastic, we might be able to do that!

Anyways: materials list is the SAME as the full-dome just no-plywood because they don't want a plywood floor. They want me to use the gravel floor so that's what we're going to do!!!!

Here's the FINAL PLAN - we're going to Home Depot now that's how we know it's final. And the plan has a few edits with dimensions and number of supports and etc but those will all be flushed out when I post the instructions on how to build this half-biome. We're going to compile the instructions into a PDF so it won't be on big post - any blog posts will be of simply progress/etc.

We can even decorate the outside of this!

Stages of Construction:

day one --> major framing and the base.

day one/two --> geodesic structure/design.

day two --> outer plastic skin.

day three --> final touchups, shelving, etc.

Here we gooooo exciting.

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