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biome updates: wood frame done!!!!! [updates]

This week was A LOT of work. This project was a lot more work than I initially thought. Butttt I thought it was time to log something because we've finished the wooden frame. It's probably a good idea to start form the beginning.

There we go, we have (19x) 2x4 wooden boards, (25x) 1x2 wooden boards, 744 wooden screws (10 lbs box), a t-square, and a Dremel saw blade. The total came to ~200 bucks which is not bad at all.

Now here are the tools we're using to build the house. The t-square, the impact and the drill, 1/8th inch drill bits, a Dremel saw max, sharpies, a pair of gloves, and a level. That's it! Pretty simple tool combination actually.

We started with the 4x8 frame. We started with 2x4's around the sides. We used the t-square to make everything 90deg, then we ran a support through the center and between the center and the sides. Then came the hard part (which took all of Sunday) where we placed the frame down and leveled the ground underneath by shifting pebbles.

Now we cut and attach the verticals, 6 foot sections and two 3 foot sections. Then we ensure they're vertical using the spirit level and pilot with the 1/8th inch bit and screw in with the 3" screws.

Now we built the halfway supports that hold the vertical pieces together and at the center of the greenhouse (the supports sit at a 3' height). These opening in these supports also define the location of the doorway.

Then we build the top-support frame. We make a half-hexagon to form the "roof" supports and then we build some cross-braces. My brother (who hates manual labor) actually did help cut wood and build the frame.

Then we start working on the 1-foot shelves. The 1-foot shelves help us because not only do they form the first parts of the geodesic outer structure. They also form shelves on the inside of the dome itself. Now what we're actually done with the 2x4's, and we can move onto the 1x2 framing.

Now we start with the framing of the actual geodesic dome shape. We start with the top "roof box" which basically forms the major support for the dome framing. We also make the lower dome framing so we can connect upper framing to lower framing to complete the shape.

Now we mark off all of the rest of the dome framing, the 1x2s. The framing got labeled from A-Z and then 1-4, so that's a total of 30 individual pieces + the extra 29 pieces that are on the frame already. So that's a total of 59-pieces that make up the geodesic dome shape. Now it's time to attach them.

Now, we attach all the 30 extra support frames between the points we defined on the design/drawing. One of the pictures has my friend Alex who helped me finish the dome (ofc while social distancing) :)!

There we go, that's what the greenhouse now looks like, the next steps are to do a waterproof seal of the wood - we're thinking black. And then we're going to cover it with the plastic cover and nail-gun that in place.

It took a lot of work - it's been four days, but we're making progress!

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