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biosphere updates: wellll maybe the big one now? [updates]

Soooo family discussion time here are the pros and cons of each:

Mom Wants:

- a climate controlled space to keep her herbs

- a nice space she can experiment with her flowers and plants

- a mom space essentially

Dads Concerns:

- greenhouse won’t be used enough

- if we want to take it down it’ll be difficult

So the options were we either build the large 8x8 greenhouse design, or we make two smaller 3x3 greenhouses. The large greenhouse costs 310 dollars the small is about 220 each. And there’s the problem right there.

We can’t guarantee the small greenhouse as well as we can guarantee the large one. That seems counter intuitive but the larger house has more support poles and an overall better structure. It was modeled off the structure of houses which are built to survive the winter. The smaller greenhouse is going to be much more difficult to build because of the lack of supports inside the structure and might not last as long because we have to open and close it and the structure is, in general, less sound.

So here’s the new proposal to make everyone happy. We build the large greenhouse so mom gets the space to play with her flowers she’s always wanted, but we engineer it so that it’s collapsible. So for dad, this means if things don‘t go as planned we can fix them, we can move the house, we can repair it, etc.

So we are going to weigh the pros and cons and come up with a final decision later. Then we shall draw out the build plan.

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