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chili pepper updates: quick-fixes [updates]

So yesterday we pointed out we needed to fix the landing gear of chili pepper. So today I'm going to spend about 10 minutes doing that.

If we noticed the tail-boom of this professional helicopter drone. We notice the tail-boom has the "blade guard" or stand and it sits very close to vertical. We're going to try to do that on this helicopter as well.

So the first thing, of course, is to cut the tail support we were using to make it short enough to just be a vertical fin. We're making it a little longer than needed so it has space to depress into the ground. We'll probably add a ping-pong ball on the end or something.

Then what we did was was take the tail boom and insert it vertically in between the tail-boom support span and the tail boom itself. Wrapped VHB tape around the boom and the support rod and then VHB tape around the tape. Then Zip-tied the support to the span.

Finally, added some zip-ties to the landing gear because it seemed like a responsible thing to do to not just use tape especially because of the vibration and the dust.

Now we can see the tail-boom is safety off the ground with room to space. I'm considering making the whole gear system a little more stable but that might involve taking off all the landing gear and something manufacturing a new set or ordering a new set - I don't have many materials here since quarantine.

I do want to see if this once-again jank landing gear solution works. If it does, it'll be used while I practice the up-downs and etc I need to learn to fly and then after that I'll make a real set of gear.

Anyways - I think this is good for now.

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