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chilipepper updates: let's fly in a mode that isn't the one we're flying in [updates]

So some news here. I tried spinning up the blades of the helicopter and taking off, and I wasn't comfortable lifting it off the ground I don't think I checked those swash-plate movements before taking off or at speed. It should all be correct since I set it up in December, the problem is I remember what switch is the aux, I remember what switch is the safety (thank god), but I don't remember which of the positions of the mode switch is what mode. So I'll have to plug back into a ground station to figure that out (this is why documentation is important heh.) So we're going to charge this puppy and take then while its charging figure out what modes the switches are supposed to be in, and then switch it to STABILIZE mode and fly in stabilize mode because in that mode the gyro actually does something: https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/stabilize-mode.html

The other mode we might want to look into is AltHold, I don't think we need GPS lock to fly in alt-hold mode and at least that way the copter won't fly upwards away from us. https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/altholdmode.html#altholdmode

I don't have a GPS on this copter, maybe we can add one later, but setting it up was hard with all the magnetic interference so I took it off and put it on CHIP. Let's charge this puppy, let's switch this to a ground station, and set one mode to alt-hold, the other to stabilize, and try to fly this thing at the field. I'm scared of flying it through my neighbor's window if I take it off in my lawn yk.

Okay so now that I have the heli connected to QGroundControl I can see I was flying in stabilize flight mode. And the top switch is AltHold, and the bottom is AutoTune which will become important later. So we're going to start trying to fly it in AltHold when it's done charging.

So seems like I knew what I was doing when I set the helicopter up in December, hmm sounds fake. But either way it's actually ready to go. I think the batteries were quite low on charge the last time I tried doing an up/down in the lawn. Today I want to take it to the soccer field near the house and just do some up-down in the field far away from yk all the humans.

We're not going to put all of this in the same post - we're going to end this one here and make a new post later about taking off/landing the helicopter a few times.

Did a rough math calculation --> at full head speed this thing will be running at 1900rpm which means the tips of the blades will be traveling 266 miles an hour.

Yea we're not taking this off anywhere near human beings ~welp.

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