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chip updates: a ballistic nylon skin. [updates]

So now that we're designing chip more for the outdoors than the in, I want to make it a little more robust when it falls over you know. So this is going to include a few things. Placing some foam padding and stuff over the top of the Jetson and the other devices so they don't get crushed, and also adding a ballistic nylon skin to chip.

What is ballistic nylon? So glad you asked:

This is ballistic nylon is used in FIRST Robotics as a bumper fabric because it's practically un-rippable and I think it's waterproof too (don't quote me on that). But basically we want to give chip a SKIN he can wear proudly and that can protect him from dust and sun and etc. Of course we'd need to design it so that we can actually take it apart since it's very likely we'll need to service the inside of chip. First we need to find ballistic nylon.

NOTE: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Waterproof-Outdoor-Fabric-300-Denier-Black-Water-Repel-Canvas-Fabric-Fade-Resistant/628483051?selected=true

Here's the fabric, it's 300 Dernier Black Water Relep Canvas which is exactly what we used last time in the picture above (but I only have a scrap of it). So we're going to get some of this. 144"x60" because chip is 60 inches around long ways and 39 inches around width ways and we really want to, you know, cover the legs too. So we're going to do that.

We could also add things like kayak hatches or handles but they're not really necessary so we likely won't do that. We'll just sew/screw this together in a way that allows us to take it apart/access the inside if needed. We'll design this cover later.

We're going to "sew" it together with the screws above.

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