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chip updates: addressing homing [updates]

So I was washing another James Burton Video today, and he was talking about how around episode 14 of his project Open Dog needed a better homing system because the computing system of OpenDog stores the homing positions on arduinos that control ODrives.

Here's another difference between OpenDog and Chip. Chip's zeroing is done manually before we turn the robot on. And the "zero" position is wherever the legs are when the robot starts up. These zeros are SAVED in the Spark Max for the duration that they are on. Even if we turn off the other computers as long as the Spark Max motor controllers don't turn off, the homing positions should be saved.

Just wanted to make that point so we don't forget it. When SparkMAX comes out with a ROS Node, we won't even need the RoboRIO because these guys are really pretty good little controllers.

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