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chip updates: back to CMA and trying to get chip to do things [updates]

So I don't think this issue that we're seeing here is a software issue: we tried the chip robot again to stand up the first time it stood weirdly and almost fell over the second time it over-current-ed. I think there's an issue with this back leg:

So we're going to remove part of the leg-wrap, we're going to open up the gear box, take a look, spin the motor around, oil the thing, and then re-assemble it. I think when the robot stood up weirdly yesterday we kinda messed with the box and a "reset" should do the trick. So we have to go get our tools now :(

Yes so we took apart the gearbox and fixed it and then tried it all again but still it over current-ed and then we finally found the problem.

The power supply. This power supply has been giving us trouble since the beginning. I think this power supply, even if it looks nice, it's suited for chip. We really need between 22-25V not 27V like this supply is providing so we've switched to battery power. We need to fix the standing/sitting trajectories before we can do anything now.

Yea we replaced the power supply with the battery (max 25v). Saddd sometimes you just can't value aesthetics over functionality you know. :( Another sad. But at least he stand-sit now! And he's on battery power so what that means is as long as we leave the robot in this starting configuration, we should be okay when standing and sitting and developing now. We might want to increase the epsilon to like 2 rotations because that's what it seems like the error in the zero is roughly. We'll look into all that later. It might be worth looking into startup platform calibration/etc. We'll get back to what we were doing before with CMA and etc after lunch.

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