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chip updates: can he stand up on his own? [updates]

The lesson from trying to stand yesterday was the following: if we just send the legs to (0,0.45,0) the legs hit the ground in the wrong orientation/order so what happens is the robot "rears" like a horse. So what we're going to try now is create a standing trajectory and land the front legs before the back ones. We're going to have a two-point trajectory (0, 0.2, 0) and then (0, 0.45, 0).

OKAY: so that slightly worked. There's some issues like the back not standing high enough. Let's try a different trajectory.

Now.. we're going to try making him get up again with the same trajectory as the first time. The only difference is we will LEVEL the platform he was sitting on originally. This could be the problem actually.

And I'd say that's a STAND!!!!!!

Some Data:

Voltage @ Standing: 26.7 VOLTS

Current @ Standing: 0.85 AMPS

Stability @ Standing: No weird motor sounds, no shaking

Temperature: Motors are not heating up, they are the same temperature/room temperature

Last test I want to run, with this very basic standing trajectory is standing up from the floor. Can he do it on his own? This is kind of dangerous so I'll be holding the robot the whole time because there is nothing to stop it from falling.

So clearly this test didn't go so hot. That's probably also because look at the legs. They're not really in an ideal position to be executing a "get up" maneuver. What we may want to do is have the robot rest on its own stomach, build some sort of a dock for it so it can get up easier. Or we can use this new zeroing/sitting procedure.

This is where we use the motors as the feet it sits on when on the ground. We're going to try to make it get up using this configuration.

So the other thing I noticed is... the slop may become an issue going into the future. So we're going to need to tighten all of the bolts and use thread locker on all of the bolts when we are ready.

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