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chip updates: can we use chip to find clean water on a local level [updates]

This is a curious question not because I think robots can be the best solution to finding clean water, but I don't think they're not a possible solution. Let's examine this thought exercise.

(1) Finding Groundwater

Let's say we have a mountain village, where residents walk two miles to get to the nearest spring that was created. They may be unaware that closer to their village there's a groundwater source because there's no way to detect that source. These are the situations robotic water finding can help.

Now this sounds naive, but I'm not sure it is. How are locals supposed to determine the best places to dig for water in an area if we have a hard time figuring out where groundwater is. One of the techniques USGS uses is digging wells to find ground water, this is dangerous for locals and something that can't be done all the time, walking to the spring is easier.

Now I don't know how many places have situations like this, but that's exactly why we need technology to help us find better water sources. I'm not saying robots are the best solution, I'm more asking the question, since I built this robot for fun how can I use it to help the world? This might be a way. Water is something I want to look into regardless of the chip project.

(2) what about farming/determining the best place to plan crops?

What if we used robots not necessarily to create fully automated farms, but to determine (a) the best location to plant crops and (b) what the best crops to plant there are?

What if we have a hand-held soil tester we can give out/mount on chip (either way) that takes soil samples and determines the nutrients in the soil in certain locations, determines the location with the highest nutrients, and determines what locations have sufficient nutrients for less nutrient requiring crops. What if it took all this can gave us a farming plan? Like what crops to plant where?

Companies like: https://teralytic.com are trying to do this for farmers, now we need. to do it for exploration/developing nations.

What we need to measure, NPK content of Soil, Moisture, pH. To determine where and which crops to plant.

Use something like this: https://www.hannainst.com/hi3896-hanna-soil-test-kit.html

Or use something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Luster-Leaf-1605-Digital-Testing/dp/B00FGPLZZS?th=1


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