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chip updates: chip for agriculture? [updates]

Here's a fun idea! So I actually saw this a while ago and only recently re-realized it existed. But this is farm.bot (farmbot) which is an open-source CNC farming robot which is super cool because it can grow things on its own.

There are so many interesting things about farm bot but I think one of the most interesting things is the changing tool head: https://genesis.farm.bot/docs/tools

farm.bot has four tools. A seeder, a water-er, a weeder, and a moisture sensor. These tools help it farm along with the camera sensor. So it got me thinking (farm.bot is open source), could we include some sort of an end-effector on one of chip's legs that would make it a cool farming robot? Or at least start by designing an end effector which efficiently combines all of these tools into one?

Well there's the first iteration of the design. It takes all the tools and puts them on a spinny wheel that rotates them so they can be used on the end of a robot arm or something. The reason I've been thinking about this is farming robots are super cool and can also be really helpful in developing areas if they increase productivity for a low cost.

Check out this farm by IronOx which uses the hydroponic concept to allow them to farm 30acres of crops in a single acre. Imagine inexpensive hydroponic robotic farms for the developing (and the developed world).

These are ideas I want to start playing with!

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