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chip updates: chip gymnastics test - BAD IDEA [updates]

So today, in dance mode, we're going to try to get chip to do some basic gymnastics because it'll be fun!

Remember, we need to think about everything in terms of the ZERO position which is not the same as the starting configuration:

Starting Configuration:

Zero Postion:

Slightly different right? So if this is the zero position, we need to send the rear legs to the following position to get to the starting configuration [8, 0, 8, 8, 0 , 8, 8, 0 , 8, 8, 0 , 8]. And then after we get there we want to ONLY move the back shoulders from 8 to -25 so like: [8, 0, 8, 8, 0, 8, -25, 0, 8, -25, 0, 8].

So let's try out test mode first and see if that does what it should. And then let's try out DANCE mode. Okay so that works, let's try transforming? Eek.

So I think, we need to get the front legs to push up a bit, I'm going to send the front knee joints to like 30 as well.

So I've decided this gymnastics thing right now is a pretty bad idea. I heard some unhappy things from one of the gearboxes. We'll have to do a little more sequencing math before we can try to make this thing do any gymnastics. I want to check on the gearboxes and maybe we can go to things like standing outdoors today instead?

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