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chip updates: chip is now under the Creative Commons! [updates]

So today I decided it would be good to choose a license under which to license everything the chip project produces so when we put the documentation online it is already ready to be shared. We want a few things for this license.

First, chip should be completely open source, completely open to modification, adaptation, application and etc under the conditions that chip is used for good of course. We also don't want people making a profit off of chip for two reasons, one that's not the reason it was created, and two, there are many parts on chip that we do not have rights to, we cannot claim rights to them because they are manufactured by other companies. Many parts on chip are fully open source, but some are not, and we're working to make chip more open source in the future. And we also want adaptations made from chip to share these same values so a spinoff can't become a profiting organization because chip isn't for that.

Because of all of that, we chose the Creative Commons license, specifically the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license which gives anyone around the world the following abilities:

We want chip to be used for good. We want chip to deliver vaccines during pandemics, we want chip to make sick kids in hospitals smile, we want chip to dance to music to raise money for feeding the poor in developing nations. We want chip to do good. We don't know what the best way to do that is but we want chip to be used for good so we're putting it on the internet so people can only use it for good.

So let's build amazing things that can help people. Let's chip in for good, see what I did there?

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