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chip updates: creating a new tether power system for the robot [updates]

So we realized that if we want to make this robot dance we have a few options right, and these few options are (1) we charge the batteries to an extended amount of time before each practice session and filming session, or (2) we use a longer tether for practice and if it doesn't look to bad maybe even filming.

So the other thing with this is is also instead of adding all these xT60 extenders end-end forever, we might just be able to make everything simpler my making an xT60 connector for an extension cord. Meaning on both ends of the cord what we do is take some plugs and connect xT60 cables to the plugs. And when we want to use the yellow extension cord we've been using as a tether we plug in the adapters to both ends of the cord.

The first step was to cut and strip the two green plugs and the xT60 plugs we have and then use the twist-ties to actually connect the wires. White goes to red and black to black.

Then for the end that was originally a two-prong female, we had to cut off the round tips of the cord because the extension cable we're using is a yellow three-prong (it's grounded).

We covered both units in duct-tape to keep the wires from unraveling or something. Then we decided that this setup looks incredibly ugly so we need to fix that at least a little bit.

So we took some extra fabric from overing chip, some VHB tape, and some zip-ties and then wrapped the fabric and the tape and the zip-ties around to make a nice fabric casing for the adapters. This is not ideal and it doesn't look great but it is a good way to get the extension on the tether that we need for filming the robot dancing.

Now the real question is - how long will this nonsense last before we decide to just pitch in some cash to get a few extension chords or go to Home Depot to get a wire that we can actually use.

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