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chip updates: data visualization trying out using the TF for IMU visualization [updates]

So I did some more talking with JP from Cruise, and he suggested for the IMU I can try visualizing the tf, and I think mavros actually publishes the tf data as: ~local_position/pose so we might be able to try that. Let's see.

In other news, we opened up two new tickets one feature for IMU viewing from sensor_msgs.imu and one from GPS data viewing from, again, the standard ROS gps position message.

But back to trying this transform thing, I don't know if local_position is what I think it is but the best way to figure that out is fire up webviz and try it - no?

Okay so that definitely doesn't do what I thought it did - why? Not because I visualized it but because I read the description, hehe. But here's something: http://wiki.ros.org/message_to_tf

Or maybe we can use something like this: http://wiki.ros.org/rviz_imu_plugin let's see if this works I'm curious. Or we can write a simple node that subscribes to the IMU messages and publishes two transforms: http://wiki.ros.org/tf

We'll look at all this today.


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