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chip updates: diagnostics and maybe some more walking [updates]

So today I really want to add a feature which lets us track the CPU temperature of chip and we're going to be using: http://wiki.ros.org/pr2_computer_monitor

sudo apt install ros-melodic-pr2-computer-monitor
cd chip_v2
rosdep install pr2_computer_monitor

Now we need to add the launch file to our launch file. And finding the appropriate file we get this. We also probably want to rosdep install the other packages we have for Chip_ROS.

So we did this too:

rosdep install realsense2_camera
rosdep install rosbridge_server
rosdep install mavros

And now we're ready to test if the CPU motoring works. Okay so that didn't work and I think that's because we also need to install ipmitool

sudo apt install ipmitool
Now look at this: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/276474/how-can-i-execute-any-command-as-a-normal-user-without-sudo

This looks like A LOT of work to get the CPU's temperature. I think we're going to not bother doing this because our time is better spent in other places. We don't want to break the computer and this isn't worth it. We're going to try to make the platform stand just to see if it still works and then try to take the two steps. So the front step worked but the back one didn't. We'll fix this later.

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