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chip updates: did the copper do anything

So today the electric field meter showed up. The meter is supposed to detect the strength of the magnetic field near an object. Got the meter to evaluate if the copper cloth actually does anything so let's see.

This oneeee:


Here's the reading on the outside of the cloth, 0mG field strength.

So the field strength varies based on how I hold the device, it went between 0 and think 3.2mG ish. We just need to hold it next to a motor to see if it's the cloth or it's something else.

Now holding it right next to a motor we get a reading of 8mG. This is more but I'm not convinced its really the copper cloth just yet, the robot really isn't holding much weight and the field strength is still strong it's not like we went from red to green (look at the LED), just yellow to green which means it could honestly be differences in the load the motors were holding at that time. We'll only really know when we start walking and the motors are moving and then we get a chance to measure the field strength difference.

So copper cloth effectiveness? TBD, but still cool!

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