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chip updates: dogs learning from cats [updates]

So I found this online. I don't remember if I found it before I might have and if so I found it again! This is openCat.

What I'm most interested in in OpenCat is it not falling over and I want to kind of learn how it does that, not that I'm sure it will help solve all of chip's problems since chip is so much bigger but if for sure might.

The code is here on GitHub: https://github.com/PetoiCamp/OpenCat and it has a Indiegogo campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nybble-world-s-cutest-open-source-robotic-kitten#/

I'm planning to browse through the GitHub and see which doohickeys make this thing walk. And how, if at all, does it use an IMU or something. It might take some digging since I don't actually know what each of the modules do or where to look for the specific code I want to see. A brief glance at: https://github.com/PetoiCamp/OpenCat/blob/master/Nybble/Nybble.ino this arduino file shows an IMU now we need to figure out how it uses it.


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