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chip updates: fixing some things mechanically [updates]

So after staring at the robot for a bit, I'm not liking anymore what we did with the back legs. If you look at the back legs as opposed to the front, they're different in that the second motor (the hinge actuator) is mounted in the opposite direction and the initial reason for this was to give the robot more uniform pads to have the motors pointing consistently outwards in the front and back.

The problem with this is it brings a lot of asymmetry to the design of the robot because the weight distribution is weird and the angles are weird now. And when we set the same standing angles the back legs have more trouble than the front keeping the robot up.

So we're going to change them to be the SAME as the front now. We're going to try to do this in the simplest possible way. All we need is a flat-head screwdriver!

And VOILA, both rear motors reversed. The legs are symmetric now and that's probably a really good thing for both standing, walking, modeling, anything to be honest. This will make for a more balanced platform as well. The legs are in STABLE equilibrium when standing not UNSTABLE ones.

So I am also noticing as we test some of the screws may be coming loose. All this means is at some-point (not now) we should take them all out, put thread-locker on them, and re-assemble.

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