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chip updates: fixing the feet QUICK FIX [updates]

Okay so we need to make a quick fix for the feet here so we can continue programming and testing. The problem is that the feet are not grippy enough so heres's what we did.

A good realization was, robot gripped really well on the yoga mat and the mat gripped very well to the floor. So--let's put the yoga mat on the robot?

Alright here we go, step one is cut a strip of the yoga mat into squares. Then we cut the corners out. Honestly the rest is really simple.

The "+ sign" we created gets wrapped around the foot and taped long ways first, then the short ends get folded up and taped around. We keep the mat tight around the TPU 3D-printed foot, and then we tape with Gorilla Tape.

It's a yoga mat and some tape, and here's the result in video form (watching one foot for slip):

There's no slip in three of the legs. The front left leg, has slip, but we're clearly sending it the wrong "stand up" trajectory as a robot since the thing is struggling. We'll optimize this soon.

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