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chip updates: fun drawings and back-bends [updates]

So today I took some free time to draw since I know the next few days are going to be a lot of work. I aw the following video of robosimian doing pull-ups and I got kinda inspired:

I mean that's just really really cool you know. So I got some ideas for chip that we can start putting together after finals and after the nice thick outer skin arrives. I want to make chip robust not delicate. I want the only thing exposed to the air to be the camera the rest all sealed up nice and tight and secured so it can't break. I want to put a roll-cage above the electronics so they don't break. And I know that radio signals can transmit through fabric so we're going to cover the antennas and secure them too.

I want to have fun with chip and have it do things like dancing and pull-ups and we can't do those kind of things if we're scared every time it falls over we'll shatter something or if there are antennas sticking out the top.

So here's a drawing of the robot doing backbends, sit ups, pull-ups, and waving his arms around because eventually that's what I want to make it do. This and walking, two different challenges but ones we can achieve now that we have direct control over the motors from the master.

Also at some point, not now, I'm probably going to make the joystick connect to a ground station and have the robot be controlled from that as an OPTION (for missions).


(1) Finish making the skin of the robot/covering

(2) Work on the controls for said robot

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