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chip updates: future goals for chip [updates]

So for now, we're doing a very simplified model of robot control for the leg, and for sits and stands we're basically testing coordinates and figuring out which works best for sit and what works best for stand, there's very limited intelligence. Now, what would we do in the future?

(1) We'd use the full inverse-kinematic model of the robot, and we'd do inverse-jacobian (task-space) control. Making sure the leg's end-effector only moves in the direction we want it to with some smoothing in-between.

(2) A full state-space controller for the robot because that would be awesome, very stable, and hopefully easier to control. But we'd need the CoG and a full model of the robot which we're working on getting.

So those are future goals for the robotic system, for now we're going to try to do two/three things. (1) get chip to walk reliably, and (2) have some fun with maneuvers, (3) toughen up the structure a little.

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