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chip updates: getting a CAD together and getting some cute images outside! [updates]

So I got bored Sunday evening because I've been home for so long. I decided to take chip outside because why wouldn't we take chip outside. Here's a few images!

Chip standing in the grass made me very happy. But it doesn't substitute walking. Of course we also need a CAD. Now why would we make a CAD after building chip? Okay, fair point. But if we're going to make chip open source - which is now the plan and wasn't in September - we need a CAD so we can easily communicate how to assemble a platform like chip, and we need to run some engineering tests on the structure and the design so we can be confident in what we're releasing not just base everything off the fun "let's try this" attitude that went into making it initially (though there's nothing wrong with that). Anyways, here's the initial CAD.

There are a few sub-assemblies in the TOP_LEVEL including the main frame and the legs (both right and left). We'll release these files with the first release of CHIP.

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