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chip updates: he kinda got up? [updates]

Okay really short post here because it's not that big an updates but. We have some good and bad news! So we fixed the fourth leg (the DigiKey encoder cable order came in) and that was that. The only other order we are waiting for is a longer USB-B cable and a longer power cable so the robot doesn't keep unplugging itself during testing.

The other thing we just tried was programming all four legs to simple go to point (0, 0.45, 0) that's it, just traverse there no path. And then the robot was lowered ground and we tried to see if it could stand.

Here was the result:

So here's the good news and bad news. The good news is the back motors have even enough torque to literally have this thing sit vertically supported only by its back legs. The bad news is this isn't really the kind of standing we were going for - oops. So tomorrow, we're going to try programming in a standing trajectory. Then we'll see if the robot actually stands. For today, I think this is progress. One step at a time (get it, step, legged robot, we're programming steps HA)!


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