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chip updates: IP rating for the platform [updates]

Yesss so chip is a device and we said we'd make a covering of the body to protect it from elemental exposure right. So we're going to go ahead and look at this link: https://www.cuidevices.com/blog/the-basics-of-ip-ratings-and-ip-rated-connectors#defined and determine what IP rating chip has.

So chip itself could be given two individual IP ratings and here is why. The IP rating of the main body is different from the IP rating of the legs due to gaps in the covering. But the gearboxes and the motors of chip (which are the only sensitive components of the legs, pretty much have the same level of protection as the fabric of the main body. So all-in-all we'll give the platform a SINGLE IP rating even if it might appear that it shouldn't have one, but we'll add a disclaimer for the parts that might need further review.

An IP rating (or Ingress Protection Rating), https://www.mpl.ch/info/IPratings.html is a standard rating system that allows you to identify how resistant a product is to water or dust infiltration. Here is an example of the IP _ _ table.

The first number refers to the dust protection the device has. The second refers to the water protection. So here's the deal. We're going to read the table above and give chip a rating. First, dust protection.

for dust protection, chip IS dust protected in that dust will not affect the performance of components but may be allowed to enter. 

EXCEPTIONS: the only note-able exception on the platform is the bevel gears on the lower leg which we can and should cover up, those would fall under category 2 not the 5 that we're claiming. 

So in conclusion, if we fix the bevel gear issue (depicted below) chip's first number in the IP rating would be 5, for now it is likely a 2.

Now for the water. The fabric is waterproof but there are other concerns on the platform such as holes in the fabric so here's the idea.

We're pretty certain (and we can test) there will be no harmful effects of water dripping from a 0-15deg angle from the vertical position, we're certain there are no effects from dripping water directly vertically. We're less confident in the spraying. So we'll call the water a "2."

Note-able exceptions to this that we aren't certain of are the GPS, the button, and the Intel RealSense T265, which are exposed:

However, we're pretty sure these can survive dripping water as they feel like they'd be able to. So we're going to keep the IP rating at a 2, check with the manufacturers and come back.

So we can give chip the following IP rating:

the chip robot is IP52 dust and water protected with the note-able expection of the bevel gears which bring the platform to an IP22 dust and water protection rating. Should the bevel gear be fixed or covered, we can rate chip as IP52.

To give you an idea of why we made the cover, without the cover chip would be rated IPXX because objects that contacted the body could definitely harm components but the foam protection and fabric outer layer mean we can raise that rating to a "5." Seriously, it makes that much of a difference.

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