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chip updates: jacobians, IK and the next posts [updates]

So I found this online while trying to figure out how to take my Forward Kinematic Equations and turn the into IK ones without crying.


The PDF here described Jacobian methods for Inverse Kinematics. The Jacobian of the the Forward Kinematic System also tells us a lot about the system itself. The Jacobian can tell us the singularities of the system and how well designed the system is, we will do this too, however we will start by using the Jacobian to develop the inverse kinematic equations like this PDF suggests. This will allow us to develop better control methods for the system without back-solving a ridiculous equation set.

We're going to do a post on why we care about the Jacobian, and then apply it to the chip system. Other posts this week will be about 2.12 robot design!

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