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chip updates: just don't use copper cleaner, just don't. [updates]

I don't know what's in this "instant brass/copper/tarnish remover" but it destroyed our copper cover for chip and that makes me incredibly unhappy.

Look what it did! How can there be more black spots with the cleaner than without, we applied the tarnish remover as per the instructions so either I did something horribly wrong or this thing really doesn't do what its supposed to. We might try another round of cleaning tomorrow, this time removing the essential electronics and only using like a towel and the cleaner and wiping it away.

I'm going to assume we applied it wrong, tbh I think I'm going to leave it it's a few annoying spots but since we're covering it up, I might not touch it, I'm afraid of damaging things. We shouldn't have used the cleaner in the first place.


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