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chip updates: launch files! [updates]

Yes, launch files, the perfect thing for things with many nodes. Why open 12 terminals when you can write a launch file?

NOTE: Before the launch file is written, make sure you make all the python files and etc. executable. These files need to be executable with the #!/usr/bin/env python on top. Then use sudo chmod a+x <filename> to make them executable.

Now writing this launch file was really easy. We make a folder inside CHIP_ROS called launch and in there we put a chip_basic.launch xml file that has the above structure. Then we just write out which nodes we want to launch, include any XML files we want to launch, and then just launch them!

That's it. Now all we need to do is roslaunch chip instead of opening every possible node there is. We can even make this file run on startup when we are ready.

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