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chip updates: let's add a Jetson! [updates]

So we're at the point where actuation on the robot is pretty good. We can give the legs a max speed and the robot can move its legs to the right positions. Now before we go too far into the Jetson platform, we really need to get the Jetson working so we can start some real programming (adding an IMU and etc).

So this is the steps we're going to take:

(1) setup the linux version of driver station on the JetsonTX1.

(2) setup the wifi server on the Jetson

(3) mount the Jetson to the robot.

(4) mount the controlling screen to the robot.

(5) see if anything works.

So the first thing were doing is getting rid of and setting up some software on the Jetson TX1. We spent a lot of time over IAP trying to build VSCode and etc on the Jetson form scratch and installing WPILIB. It was not very useful considering that it took up so much space and it's so much easier to deploy form a Mac instead of the Jetson itself. We'll deploy code straight to the RIO from a Mac - though when we deploy the final code file that should really be all we need to deploy to the rio, nothing else should need deployment.

On the Jetson, after we delete everything, we're going to build QDriverStation - an FRC diver station app for linux that will allow us to enable/disable the robot from the Jetson itself instead of a second windows computer. For today, what I want to be able to do, is build QDriverSation, and then mount the Jetson and a screen to the chip robot that will allow us to enable the robot directly form the Jetson. And then see if that works - no RIO deployment at the moment.

We also want to get rid of the password on the Jetson and etc.

Username: CHIP_TWO

Password: 0000

Automatic Login: YES

Now: https://frc-utilities.github.io time to install QDriverStation. And we want to also, separately, install LibDS which can be used in ROS. https://github.com/FRC-Utilities/LibDS

No more driver station required! We will install it anyways for rio code testing purposes!

Things we are installing:

- LibDS -- note that QDriverStation has not been updated for 2018, 2019, or 2020. But LibDS should work!

- QT because we need QMAKE and etc.

^QT is actually already installed - so we've installed LibDS and we are making the simple Driver station to see if it will work.

So this thing seems to only use the 2018 communication protocol, that might not be so good. So we are going to try to use Wine for the FRC 2020 DS. https://www.winehq.org

Wine allows us to run windows apps on linux!

Let's try it. Here are the install instructions: https://wiki.winehq.org/Ubuntu, all we need now is the driver station file from the other computer. I'll just email it to myself, or copy it to the SD card. --> Okay so this is a dead end, Wine doesn't work on ARM.

But what we can do to make this work. Is we look at the make file for the LibDS - and in src/protocols we can get the frc2020 protocol files. We just need to add the right file! We just need to find 2020.o! And add it there. We may need to reverse engineer the protocol. --> this also may be way too hard and not worth it. We're going to need to find a way to enable/disable the robot from something.

We're going to ask one some online forms about this - no idea how we are going to do it. For now, we can at least setup network tables and stuff.

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