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chip updates: let's fix the leg [updates]

So today we're going to fix the front-left leg because it's kind of a disaster. One of the attachment plates is completely bent, the gearbox has a screw broken into it, so those two parts definitely need replacement. So that's what we're going to do today...

Yes so we started with taking apart the leg and using a drill-press to press the new plate with the same familiar hole pattern. The plate was switched out before we moved our attention to the gearboxes. We also replaced the #10-32 screws that hold the whole system together.

We then disassembled the leg and acquired a new replacement part for the gearbox, put that on, and then re-attached the leg to the robot.

Here's the finished leg replacement, it looks and feels so much better than it was before. Hopefully with this new design we'll have no more incidents of breaking off parts into the gearboxes as the plates are much better equipped to support the load than the standoff that was originally there.

Here's a quick comparison of the old screws and plate to the new screws and plates. We bought just enough screws and two extra plates just in-case anything else needs replacement (they shouldn't). You can now more clearly see how bent that original plate was and actually how it ended up bending a screw as well!

Anywaysss ~ there we go we've replaced the leg parts finally and it should be really good to go! We're going to test it a little later.

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