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chip updates: let's make a plan for the summer and start doing it yk [updates]

Okay list of things to do in order of which they need to be done.

stage one: some preliminary experiments

(1) Measure the CoG of the robot at different theta positions (from the front of the robot or something) and make a chart of it and do some analysis. (like is it linear/etc, I think it won't be)

(2) Measure the weight of the robot (in full) which allows us to determine how much gravitational force is acting on the CoG

(3) ^ Using the above, we can create two models. One on where the robot needs to put its feet and second the free body diagram of the robot

stage two: get him to stand again (properly)

So as we saw last time, the old standing algorithm left chip in an awkward position because it had to slide its feet about to get into the right standing position. Now what we're going to do is create the stand properly using trajectories and etc. We'll first get him to "pop" off the ground, and then "rise." Let me describe what I'm saying (it's very similar to what we did before just with some constraints).

We want to keep the feet the same distance apart when moving from the zero position to the pop position to the standing position (so feet don't need to slide on the ground to get the robot in the right position). We're going to use trajectories for sit and stand for now, we'll add some intelligence later.

stage three: development

Then it's time to get to feature development and intelligence:

  • we're going to get the robot back in the walking testing stages

  • we'll start with one-foot-at-a-time walking

  • then we'll try to do two feet at a time, add the IMU in at all stages

  • then we'll actually go back to standing/sitting from any position, the robot moves its legs into the ideal sitting standing position before sitting (the ability for the robot to adjust the position of its legs)

  • then we get to things like obstacle avoidance, using the camera to determine how to lift a foot to go over an obstacle/etc

  • GPS navigation/etc.

All that is to come but of course, first thing's first.

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