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chip updates: let's make mission control [updates]

So the other thing we're going to do is make a sort of web-based mission control/GUI that we can use to command chip.

We said before there's a web-based video server node for ROS: http://wiki.ros.org/web_video_server

Now we also know there's a web-ROS topic data streamer: http://wiki.ros.org/webrtc_ros

Now it turns out we don't need to build this ourselves, check this out: https://webviz.io

And check this out: https://github.com/pantor/ros-control-center

These are topics that allow us to control a robot remotely and visualize data beautifully. So let's start with visualization because we'll be using the GCS (QGroundControl and the Ardupilot for remote control right?).

So the actual app is here: https://webviz.io/app/

And all we need to do to get started is connect to a ROS-Bridge: http://wiki.ros.org/rosbridge_suite/Tutorials/RunningRosbridge

So later today, after I'm done with my lab, what I'm going to do is a few things.

(1) We're going to download and run the T265 camera node just so we can get some visualization data to publish/etc.

We'll connect this control center (webviz.io) to get the topics published and we'll re-configure this thing in our own way and hopefully SAVE the thing.

We can export layouts and everything!!!!! We're going to try all this fun stuff later after I finish my lab. The only note is this ONLY works on google chrome!

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