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chip updates: let's stand intelligently [updates]

So here's something important we realized when we were outside. When we're outside the robot has a whole lot more grip than we initially thought it would have meaning the whole sliding of feet we do indoor cannot be done outside.

So in the stand-gate on startup the problem has been that when the robot turns on and moves from the "zero" to the "sit" position. We haven't been able to get to that position properly because the legs in the sit position are farther apart than in resting. So we need to make sure the feet maintain a certain distance between them at all times.

SO THAT DISTANCE IS D = 0.56m-0.57, with the slop that will let us stay within the usable range of the feet.

The other thing to note is now, we don't need those dumb yoga mat feet because of the grip we have outside, I want to try the old feet again. Because the yoga mat feet are getting dirty and ripped. Now of course, later, we'll have to figure out how to operate chip indoors with those feet but let's take off those "socks" its wearing and make the robot's real feet a little sturdier.

So the first thing we did was take the disgusting ripped yoga mats off of the feet and we inserted VHB tape between the foot and the leg so the feet stay on better.

So the new leg looks a little less jank than the old one. We should have more than enough grip. We're doing this for all four legs.

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