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chip updates: let's use rviz, let's not guess anymore [updates]

So now that we're going to create release version 0.0.1 and that will only really be creep-gate walking. What we want to do is create a visualizer that doesn't affect the speed of operation of the actual platform, but will help us as developers visualize, where is the CoG, where are the feet now, where are we asking them to go, and it plants all of these in 3D in RVIZ. The reason this is useful is it will allow us to debug/test the creep gate without even placing CHIP on the ground. We can test on a stand to see if chip would walk in this case.

The goal for today and tomorrow is to get chip to walk forwards and backwards. Just in those directions. And the plan to do this is to (a) get the visualization software running, (b) write a trajectory handler, and (c) use the visualizer and real-world tests to determine the best points in the trajectory to add to the robot for walking in those two directions.

When this works, because creep gates are simple to get working. Then we can move to getting the creep gates for strafing and turning as well. The order will be F/B, Strafe, Turning. And then we can take the puppy for a walk and try that.


http://wiki.ros.org/rqt_plot we'll start with the rpt_plot system because that will allow us to plot very simply in 2D at the moment. And that's all we really need at the moment and it will be easier to visualize if the CoG is in the triangle this way. rviz is better for 3D visualization and we don't need that right now.

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