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chip updates: look who showed up today [updates]

Look what showed up today! The custom xbox controller for Chip. Why does chip need a custom xbox controller? No reason, who doesn't love coloring things your own way. The color scheme is very similar to the chip white-copper color scheme. Here's an image of the box:

Here's a closeup of the controller with the "chip in for good" motto printed on the bottom. You can see the choice to balance the matte tan color and the metallic gold color. Too much of the metallic would have made the controller too much gold and would've been too "bling." But in balancing the gold and the tan we were able to created some interesting spots on the controller.

Here's a far-shot of the controller at the same angle. You can see the black rubber grip pads which make the controller a little more comfortable to hold. (the background is a technical drawing of chip).

Here's the back view with a better view of the gold triggers and the black rubber grips.

So a quick review now of the controller and of the custom xbox controller design lab service as well. Just for the record. Design lab is really great actually! There are so many options to customize the look of the controller and with a wide variety of colors we were actually able to not exactly match but closely match the color scheme of the controller to that of chip. But you know this already because that's the point.

Shipping is pretty fast mine got here in roughly one-two weeks even though the website said three-four weeks (which makes sense for a custom controller).

Few problems though, the controller is close to ~100 dollars and that's expected for an xBox controller but I have some problems with that. For that price, it'd be great for the controller to have a rechargeable battery. That would've been really nice.

And also, no USB cable? Really? For 100 bucks they could've included a USB cable with the controller.

But yes, first world problems, other than that it's very pretty and a very nice controller. My old controller (also regular black xbox controller) was great but the buttons were different colors meaning it was hard to randomly associate functions with buttons for the robot. Like red shouldn't mean walk. This way we can lay out functions in a more ergonomically valid fashion instead of a color-oriented fashion.

Anyways, I made this post for the pretty pictures.

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