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chip updates: makin' a lil' tux [updates]

So our big roll of fabric came in today and I've been trying to cut up some of the sheets to make them cover chip properly. The plan is to cover the whole body and the legs with the black 300 denier fabric.

So of course the question becomes, why? why is that needed? I wouldn't say it's needed but it will be highly beneficial because chip's operation domain (for the moment) is outdoors since he doesn't have enough grip to walk around in the house. That combined with the fact that the electronics are exposed, if we're outside and it starts drizzling, if we fall into some dirt or mud or sand, the electronics don't get destroyed is why we need this tough outer fabric skin and that foam interior.

So to make this happen we're trying to tailor this "suit" like we would normal clothes.

Something like this, you know? Not exactly, but close. We cut the patterns out instead of sewing them together we're going to use screws to hold it together and maybe stitch it after.


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