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chip updates: more dynamic movements [updates]

So the next step, is we're going to get the joypad to control some dynamic movements. Like push the sticks up and down and the robot lifts and lowers after standing. Pushing the other joystick forwards and backwards allows the robot to lean forwards and backwards. And things like that.

Here's some simple dynamics shoddily coded. We also noticed that with this weight distribution that's a lot of weight on the back of the robot meaning the most stable standing position is when the rear legs are commanded to 5cm higher than the front ones. What this means is when we put the batteries in, they should go in the front. And when we're stepping. It might be worth us raising the front first, then stepping then lowering the front and then stepping back. We may need to fix the weight distribution before we can try to step. But hopefully today/tomorrow we can get some first steps in.

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